What kind of bug is this?
April 21, 2010
This bug is from a neighbor. It measures about one inch in length. Through handling it has lost some body parts. Date of bugs death is April 21, 2010.
Southeast South Carolina

Assassin Bug

Dear Daryl,
This is an Assassin Bug and we have identified it on BugGuide as Sirthenea carinata.  BugGuide indicates it is  “Predatory on other insects, including mole crickets
” and it “Allegedly takes prey underground. Apparently comes to lights in late summer/fall.”  We suspect this poor Assassin Bug did not die of natural causes, and we are tagging it as unnecessary carnage.  Assassin Bugs may bite if they are handled carelessly, but only a few species suck blood from mammals, and this is not one of them.

Assassin Bug

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  1. drswanny says:

    Sirthenea stria carinata (Peiratinae) is correct.

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