Bug (beetle?) found in Hesperia, CA June 2009
April 20, 2010
Hello 🙂
I saw this bug in the front yard of my house in Hesperia, CA in June 2009. I just now got around to trying to figure out what type of bug it is, and thought you could help me (I hope).
It looks like a hairy legged beetle with stripes along it’s back. I placed a US quarter next to it for a size comparison, and the beetle is slightly larger than the coin.
Aaron H
Hesperia, CA

Ten Lined June Beetle

Hi Aaron,
We were going to write back that your Ten Lined June Beetle, Polyphylla decemlineata, was off schedule until we realized you took the photo last June.

2 Responses to Ten Lined June Beetle

  1. Aariq says:

    These guys will always win my vote for “best personality” in the beetle world. They’re so goofy when tons of them are slamming into your windows because of the lights, they are fuzzy, and they squeek when you poke them. <3.

  2. Abby Schwarz says:

    What do June bugs ear?

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