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Spotted Leopard Slugs Mating
April 21, 2010
I snapped these photos of a pair of what I think are Spotted Leopard Slugs doing the wild thing hanging from a thick strand of slime attached to the side of my house. At one point, there were two males trying to get to the female, but one fell off. This was the end result. A gooey sky blue slime wad. I never knew slugs mated like that! I thought maybe you could use this for your site.
Keep up the great work! I slug-love What’s That Bug!
Rebecca White
Charlotte, NC

Spotted Leopard Slugs Mating

Dear Rebecca,
The mating positions of these hermaphroditic Spotted Leopard Slugs is positively salacious.  All slugs are hermaphrodites, so you are mistaken in believing that the third member in the encounter was a male.  The close-up photograph you included is quite graphic, and viewers should exercise caution before reading more.
Several years ago we posted a photo of Spotted Leopard Slugs mating and that letter sparked quite a controversy.  You can read about it on our archive.

Spotted Leopard Slugs Mating

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

5 Responses to Spotted Leopard Slugs Mating

  1. lizacoyote says:

    how beautiful and disturbing

  2. natalie says:

    Saw the very same thing hanging from our watertank in the garden the other night. I was absolutely fascinated but didnt know what it was, now glad to have found the answer on your site!!

  3. Ahronya says:

    Hi Mr. Bugman…..
    So, that grayish mass hanging below the 2 slugs is actually the 2 penises intertwined?
    Are the penises coming out of their heads?
    Thank you for all you do for us!

    • bugman says:

      Alas, our editorial staff would need to research your question on slug anatomy, and rather than do that right now, we prefer to post a few new inquiries with images as there is so much unanswered email in our inbox. We are confident that Slugs are hermaphrodites, and they mate to exchange DNA.

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