Mantid? Stick insect?
April 19, 2010
Hello again,
I’m sorry to send these in again, but this guy continues to puzzle me with his strange shape and patterning. The closest thing I found to it was a juvenile walkingstick, but I’ve never seen an adult walkingstick anywhere around my house, and I’ve seen more than a few of these. One of them (not this one) waved his front legs at me (like a mantis?) when I bothered him trying to get a picture a few years ago.
Stephen C
North Carolina

Assassin Bug Nymph

Assassin Bug Nymph

Thank you very much!  I would never have guessed that!  Funnily enough, just a moment ago I saw him (or one like him), apparently advanced to a later state of growth, looking much more like an assassin bug with wings and coloring and whatnot.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t right for a good shot, but I did get a few pics.  A very handsome insect.

Assassin Bug

Hi again Stephen,
Our original answer to you was quite brief because we feebly attempt to answer as many letters as possible, and some just get names as responses.  Since you took the time to send a followup report, we have pieced together your emails and posted what we believe to be Zelus Assassin Bugs.

4 Responses to Assassin Bug: Nymph and Adult

  1. drswanny says:

    Both nymph and adult are Zelus luridus.

  2. Carole Tidwell says:

    Do these assasin bug nymphs bite? I can’t get rid of them. They are coming in on my dog. I found one on my refrigerator this morning. I am finding them all over, mostly outside. Yet they come in and I find them on my arm. SMACK–then I kill them. Do they bite? I need information.

  3. Susan says:

    Believe me… they bite and it hurts! One came into the house on who knows what but ended up on an oven mitt that rested on my counter. I picked up the mitt to quickly use it on an oven dish and the bug stabbed my hand … it was horribly painful! Now three days later it’s still tender and full of serous fluid and itchy until touched, then tender.

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