Finally found a luna moth
April 18, 2010
Hello again!
Last time you heard from me was my submission of the Io moth transformation. As I mentioned I had been hoping to see a Luna moth for a very long time; I have been living here in central Florida for the past 13 years. Today – April 18th – is the day I finally found one.
I had actually just finished my Senior Prom yesterday and I was about to return my tuxedo in Winter Garden when I noticed this beauty on the wall. I love how these things work out! I promptly brought it to in my house so I could take a picture using a more suitable camera than my cell phone.
A bit of the rear left tail seems to be missing, but it seems quite capable of flight without it.
Now I can set a new goal: finding a Red Spotted Purple butterfly. Guess I had better head back to the forests!
Carl B. – Aspiring Entomologist
Clermont, FL

Luna Moth

Hi Carl,
Congratulations on your Luna Moth sighting.  Despite living in Ohio for 22 years, we were never fortunate enough to see a live Luna Moth, but we did see numerous Red Spotted Purples.  Try looking where there are willows or poplars.

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