Interesting Costa Rican Wasp Moths – Part 3
Interesting Costa Rican Wasp Moths – Part 3
To round out my little set of Costa Rican Wasp Moths, here is a pair of Southern Cyan Tiger Moths (Macrocneme chrysitis). This is another day flying Ctenuchid (Arctiidae: Ctenuchinae) and an obvious wasp mimic. The species ranges throughout the tropical Americas, as for north as south Texas. These were also photographed at the Las Cruces Biological Station/Wilson Botanical Gardens. Regards.

Mating Southern Cyan Tiger Moths

Hi again Karl,
We wrote back the day you sent this and indicated we would post it upon returning home from work, but political activism got in the way, and it wasn’t until this morning that we were reminded that we had neglected your wonderful submission. Since the quantity of mail we are receiving has drastically increased with the arrival of spring, we had to dig back several pages to locate you awesome image.  Sorry for the delay.  According to the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) website, the species may also be found in Texas.

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