a large moth in Mesquite, NV
April 15, 2010
Dear Bugman,
I spotted this large moth this morning (4/15) around 8am in Mesquite. The temperature was around 60. It just hung out on the pump while I gassed up my Corolla. What kind of moth is it?
Mesquite, Nevada, USA

Striped Morning Sphinx

Dear Andrea,
This lovely moth is a Striped Morning Sphinx or White Lined Sphinx, Hyles lineata, arguably the most common large moth in North America.  It ranges in all 48 of the continental states as well as Mexico and Canada.  Gas Stations can be magnets for large moths and other insects that are attracted to lights, like Toe-Biters and Prionid Beetles.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks so much! 🙂

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