Unusual Midge – In Copal
April 15, 2010
Found this in Madagascar Copal, around 5,000 years old, wings are 10mm, body about 8 mm, wings have symetrical patternation, very long striped legs ( like porcupine needles!) Huge head for the body…I have around 3,000 inclusion specimens but have never seen this type before. Richard

Midge in Amber

Dear Jake,
We are jealous of your fossilized insect in amber collection.  We would love some amber cufflinks with insects.

Midge in Amber

Hi Daniel,
Do not be jealous…
goto www.BadJakeyArt.com – which is my ebay shop.
Menu on left – Unusual Fossils…
and you can find 300 of my copal & amber pieces, some of whcih I have probably miss-identified.
Was my submission some kind of MayFly?

Hi Richard,
It is not a Mayfly.  We agree it is probably a midge.

More Insects in Amber
April 20, 2010
Hi Daniel, I stumbled across this today.
take care!

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