Interesting Costa Rican Wasp Moths – Part 2
April 13, 2010
The Ctenuchid moths (Arctiidae: Ctenuchinae, if you ignore recent taxonomic revisions) are often referred to as Wasp Moths for their tendency to mimic wasps. This mimicry is not always obvious, but it certainly is in the case of Isanthrene crabroniformis. In fact, this female had me completely fooled when a photographed it and it was not until I was reviewing my photos that evening that I realized it was actually a moth. This individual was one of several I spotted at the Las Cruces Biological Station/Wilson Botanical Gardens, Costa Rica. They were quite large, with an estimated wingspan of about 40-50 mm. The species does not appear to be well documented, not unusual for a tropical species, and the published range is given as Panama and Colombia. I suppose Costa Rica could be added to that list, and I suspect that its actual range may extend to other countries as well. Regards.

Isanthrene crabroniformis

Hi Karl,
My, your photos of Costa Rican Arctiids are stunning.  Thanks for doing the identification and sending us the photos.

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