What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Manitoba Blue Spotted Salamander
April 13, 2010
Finally I got some photos of our house guest – one of many who live in our sub-basement (covered in root cellar that they stay in during the winter because they do not truly hibernate). This is a rare/uncommon and shy (well okay supposedly!) salamander that not much is known about.  We have seen a few, rescued a couple, this last one from some fresh redicrete.  She is pretty friendly and likes her house – when it’s time for a new meal worm she comes out and stands up and looks at anyone coming in the room she stays in as if to say, “Hey servant food time for the beautiful Salamander over here”.  Like all Sally’s she only eats live food and no you cannot fool her either.
Thought you’d enjoy another lovely critter for your AWESOME GREAT SUPER page!
Take care,
Shanyn Silinski
SE Manitoba
“The most important things in life are NOT things!”

Manitoba Blue Spotted Salamander

Hi Shanyn,
Thanks so much for sending us your photos and relating the poignant story of the rescue of this lovely Manitoba Blue Spotted Salamander.  When we were determining the subtitle for our book, we insisted on using “things that crawl” as opposed to “insects and arthropods” as a definition for bugs.  A Salamander isn’t really a bug, but it sure does crawl, and we started an amphibian page long ago to house our own photos of California Salamanders.

Manitoba Blue Spotted Salamander

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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