Butterfly from Israel
April 12, 2010
Me again from Israel, and still in love with your website!
On my latest hiking trip, this time to Eastern Samaria (north-east of Jerusalem, Israel) on April 9-10, 2010, I saw and photographed loads of bugs. Everything is waking up after the winter, the hills are green and alive!
My first bug is this Melanargia titea titania, who was patiently waiting for me to get my camera out.
Eastern Samaria, Israel

Leventine Marbled White

Hi Ben,
You sent us enough submissions for three days worth of postings, and that is if we don’t post anything else.  We may have to cherrypick your best and most interesting images to post to What’s That Bug? so that we don’t ignore our other readers.  We found Melanargia titea listed as a Leventine Marbled White on the BioLib website.

Leventine Marbled White

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