unusual looking snout nosed insect
April 11, 2010
Hi Bugman
We hope you can identify this strange looking insect that we found in our back garden today.
I must admit, when I first saw it it was curled up and lying on its side in one of our bird feeding dishes, and as it’s six legs were all curled up with the body I initially thought it was very small yound bird that had died. However, when it went to move it I saw the legs move, and eventually the insect righted itself and stood up as per the attached photos (apologies as the second photo is a little bit blurred). Length is approx 1.4-2cm long.
A short while later it had climbed from the dish into the tree branch above, where it is now well camouflaged against the wood.
Royston & Tania
Adelaide, South Australia

Elephant Weevil

Hi Royston and Tania,
This amazing creature is known as an Elephant Weevil, Orthorhinus cylindrirostris.  You may find additional information on the OzAnimals website which indicates:  “The Elephant Weevil is pest to the wine industry as it feds on grape vines.

Elephant Weevil

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