Dinosaur grasshopper?
April 12, 2010
On my hiking trip to Eastern Samaria (north-east of Jerusalem, Israel) on April 9-10, 2010 I saw this large grasshopper nymph. It looks like something from a Spielberg movie with that ridge on its back.
Hoping you’ll help me identify it!
Eastern Samaria, Israel

Unknown Grasshopper

Hi again Ben,
Like your other unknown Grasshopper, we are going to contact Piotr Naskrecki for assistance.

Update:  November 29, 2014:  Female Prionosthenus galericulatus
A comment from Daria clued us in to the identity of this unusual Grasshopper and we confirmed its identity on BioLib.

Location: Samaria, Israel

3 Responses to Another Unknown Grasshopper from Israel

  1. Mr. Goodwraith says:

    Probably the same species as the one photographed by Igor Siwanowicz and shown near the bottom of this Dark Roasted Blend post, billed as “Giant brown grasshopper, Israel”: http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2007/11/glamorous-insects.html. Can’t find a real species classification, though.

  2. Daria says:

    Female Prionosthenus galericulatus – not sure what the English name is

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