Rosemary bush bug infestation
April 11, 2010
Came home today (4-11-10) to find my rosemary bush covered in these soapy, bubbly masses. Inside the bubbles are tiny beetle critters that are half black and half yellow. (front half is black, rear half is yellow) Crawling around the bush are all black ones. They are only a mm or 2 big. Although rosemary is supposed to repel mosquitos, mine houses a swarm of skeeters. Couldn’t find any mosquito stages that look like these. They have 6 legs and no wings-they sure can jump, though! Very oval shaped, no distinguishable head from the rear. Slow walkers. Tried to get pics but they are too small for my camera to focus. Kind of looks like the black/yellow ones are creating the bubbles. Included a somewhat visible pic of the plant with the soapy stuff. Also, the leaves of the rosemary seem to be getting a yellowy spotting, not their usual even-toned green. Could this be due to the bugs? What should I do about them? Any insight at all would be helpful. Thanks!!
Confused in California
Southern California

Spittle from Spittlebugs

Hi Rosemary,
This is spittle produced by a Spittlebug, a small leafhopper-like insect that produces a frothy mass from its anus as protection.  The immature Spittlebug does not leave the spittle mass, but the winged adult is more mobile.

Spittle from Spittlebug

Thank you so much for the information!  Sounds like they are basically harmless and this is a very hardy Rosemary so I’ll let the critters be.  Thanks again for your fast response!

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  1. Rigo says:

    I also have an infestation of spittlebugs and found out that the larva feeds off the juices of the plants. I don’t know what the mature spittlebug eats or if it is harmful to the garden plants. I sure would appreciate any info on these meadow spittlebugs.

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