April 10, 2010
my friend got bit by this bug yesterday and it blistered? what is this bug?
Anaheim Ca

Lacewing Larva

This is a Lacewing Larva, and we have gotten reports in the past from people who have been bitten, but the bite is not a serious matter, an your account is the first we have received that indicated a skin reaction.  Beneficial Lacewings are very important predators that help control Aphid populations.  Lacewings are often sold by nurseries that cater to people who want to do pesticide free, organic gardening.

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  1. robert christopherson says:

    We just found the lacewing larvae that bit my wife. Reading threw many articles that claim they are a nuisance, yet my wife and I have been bitten many times. My wife’s first bite on her ankle, 2, bites. Blistered and swollen. Had to see the doctor. Second time, 2 small blisters immediately on her wrist, swollen up to her elbow in 12 hours. . No big blisters that time.
    To me they feel like a small sting but no reaction like my wife.
    I’ve read many articles that claim they are just a nuisance yet many have had severe reactions.
    Thanks for the reading.
    Best, Robert

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