long striped bug in Florida
April 4, 2010
Dear Bugman,
I saw this bug walking along the ground in some leaf litter at Kanapaha Gardens in Gainesville, FL in December 2009. Would love to know what this is. Thank you! (this is my 3rd attempt to send this. Sorry if you’ve received it already!)
Gainesville, FL

Musk Mare

Hi again Madena,
Wow, we are getting coast to coast submissions from you.  This is the only attempt we received for this submission.  This is a Two Striped Walkingstick, also known as a Musk Mare, Anisomorpha buprestoides
.  Please use caution as they have the ability to spray a noxious substance several feet with remarkable accuracy, and they inevitably spray a perceived threat right in the eye.  You can read more about this species on BugGuide.

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