Unknown Australian hawkmoth.
April 3, 2010
Although I’m usually pretty good at identifying local insects, I’ve never seen this one before! I spotted this very large hawkmoth on the balcony and I’m absolutely stumped. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but its first pair of wings were almost irridescent; they seemed to change from dark green to jet black depending on the angle. It’s currently mid-Autumn, should that make a difference. What species is it? It’s really quite gorgeous. =)
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Fruit Piercing Moth

Greetings Maire,
In February 2008 we posted a photo of this unusual Noctuid Moth, and we had assistance in identifying it as a Fruit Piercing Moth, Eudocima salaminia.  You can find some nice images on Light Creations Critter Page and on the Butterfly House website of Australian species.

Fruit Piercing Moth

The adult moth is considered a pest because it feeds by piercing fruit with its sharp proboscis, leaving the fruit vulnerable to fungus infections.

Fruit Piercing Moth

Well, that explains why I couldn’t identify it – I’ve never seen an owlet
moth with such sharply pointed wings before! Thankyou very much, always
glad to learn more about my buggy friends. =)

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  1. aussietrev says:

    Hi guys,
    Finally got an ID on this guy. It is one of the fruit piercing moths and is listed as also being present in Hawaii. It is Eudocima fullonia and is considered an agricultural pest.

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