Is this a fishing spider?
April 3, 2010
This is a very common spider in Nova Scotia often seen in rocky areas. The picture is of a spider about 3 cm long. It was sighted April2,2010.
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thin Legged Wolf Spider

Hi JUNPonline,
WE believe this is a Wolf Spider, quite possibly the Carolina Wolf Spider, Hogna carolinensis.  The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History has a nice page on this species which is found throughout North America.  It is the largest Wolf Spider on the continent.  You can also check out BugGuide‘s page on this species.

Eric Eaton makes a correction
April 19, 2010
The spider is indeed a wolf spider, but in the genus Pardosa (“thin-legged wolf spiders”).  They are often abundant on rocks near (or in) the water, especially along streambeds.  Nice picture!

Ed. Note: See BugGuide

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

3 Responses to Thin Legged Wolf Spider

  1. JUNPonline says:

    Hard to believe I can make out his eyes in the photo, these point and shoot cameras are great nowadays. Thanks for your assistance.

  2. ry says:

    This actually isn’t a wolf spider but a type of spider commonly mistaken for a wold spider. This is a picture of a dock spider or fishing spider, which beleave it or not are common in most of nova scotia. do a search of nova scotia spiders on bing and there’s some great information on these guys.

    • bugman says:

      We actually got a confirmation from Eric Eaton that this is a Thin Legged Wolf Spider in the genus Pardosa. We have numerous images of Fishing Spiders or Dock Spiders on our site.

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