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lamiinae beetle antennae knobs.
March 30, 2010
im wondering what these knobs are for and if they have anything to do with sexing certain lamiinae??? these two beetles appear to be (Aristobia approximator) but one has no knobs.
gary heiden
n.e. thailand

Aristobia approximator

Dear gary,
Your beetle with the tufted antennae is definitely Aristobia approximator.  The antennae are sensory organs, and in many insects that release pheromones to attract a mate, the male has highly developed antennae so that he can locate a female for mating purposes.  Aristobia approximator can be found pictured on stamps from Laos, North Vietnam and Central Africa.  Your other beetle appears to be a different species.  WE found Aristobia approximator pictured on the Beetles from Thailand website, but we could not locate your other individual there.  We could not locate the mystery beetle on Inhdonesien Cerambycidae Seite 1 or the other three pages on that site.  Perhaps when Karl returns from Costa Rica, he will have more luck than us at an identification.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Thailand

One Response to Two Longicorns from Thailand: Aristobia approximator and Cremnosterna carissima

  1. EBM says:

    The “unknown longicorn” is Cremnosterna carissima.
    It is found in Souther China (Ynnan Province), Laos, Thailand, Myanmar


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