what kind
March 30, 2010
i found a butterfly that looked odd to me,i mean the colors were odd,i just want to know what kind of butterfly this is it was purple with orange polka dots there was 4 i wasnt able to take a snap shot so i drew one its not the best.
always love ..,marisa l (surname withheld to preserve the anonymity of a child)
on my daisy flowers in my back yard

Common Buckeye, or close relative

Greetings marisa,
We believe you saw a Common Buckeye, Junonia coenia, or a close relative in the same genus.  Common Buckeyes frequent daisies from coast to coast, and there are relatives around the world in the same genus that look similar.  You can compare your drawing to Common Buckeyes we have posted in the past.
We hope you will be starting middle school soon and you will have the opportunity to pursue your natural artistic talent.  Sadly, many school districts are making their budget cuts in the visual and performing arts, and we lament that future young adults will have such a dearth of creativity during their formative years.  Out of the ethical desire to preserve the anonymity of a child, we have withheld your surname.

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