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graceful brown tropical spider
March 28, 2010
This spider was basking on a leaf in the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica last summer. It was a little larger than a quarter, including its legs, and didn’t even flinch when I got up-close and personal with my camera. Do you know what kind of spider it is?
costa Rica, Pacific Coast

Six Spotted Fishing Spider, we believe

Hi Jenny,
This sure looks to us like a Six Spotted Fishing Spider, Dolomedes triton.  As we write this, we are not certain if the species ranges to Costa Rica.  We are linking to an image on BugGuide that looks very close.  The Six Spotted Fishing Spider is rarely found far from water, and it is one of the most aquatic members of the genus.  Was there a body of water near where the photo was taken?

Thanks for the quick response!  There was a body of water very nearby.  I found
the spider on a path about 100 yards or so from the Pacific Ocean, and there
are several springs nearby as well.

Calm ponds are the preferred habitat.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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