Western Conifer Seed bug and empty nest syndrome
Hi WTB! Back in November of 2009, I found a little bug crawling up my bedroom wall. After sending you guys a picture and having you ID it as a Western Conifer Seed bug, I did a little (ok a lot!) research on your wonderful website. I found that they basically hibernate and live off of fat stores in their body for the winter. So I named him Axel, gave him a home in a jar with plenty of air holes, made sure he had water, and kept him for the winter. Last saturday I released him into some evergreen trees next to my house. Now, I’m going through “empty nest syndrome” 🙁 But, I am glad I was able to keep him warm for the winter and now he’s probably happy muching on some trees somewhere. Thank you, WTB, for all the great info and the time and patience to ID a pretty common bug! I c ome to your website at least once a day, and still find new and interesting bugs! Keep up the great work, hopefully this fall, I will find another Axel on my bedroom wall! 🙂
Jenn Kendall

Thanks for the sweet letter Jenn.

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