Bug on beach in Mozambique
March 28, 2010
Hi, we saw this on the beach at Malongane in March one morning quite early. I would be grateful if you can supply a name for it?
Gawie Pretorius
Ponta de Malongane, Mozambique

Tortoise Beetle Larva

Dear Gawie,
We believe this resembles the larva of a Tortoise Beetle in the tribe Cassidini, but we have never seen this exact species.  We are more familiar with specimens found in North America.  BugGuide has a photo of the larva of Cassida rubiginosa, which is typical of the larvae of other Tortoise Beetles.  They are often spiny and carry about their shed exoskeletons much like the individual in your photo.

Dear Daniel
I am quite impressed with your quick response!
Thank you so much, it is appreciated.
Kind regards

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