Colorful centipede
March 25, 2010
I found this guy about 6″ underground while planting pine trees in Western PA. It’s about 1 1/4″ to 1 1/2″ long.
Pittsburgh PA


Hi James,
While they share many physical similarities with Centipedes, your creature is actually a Millipede.  They are distinguished from Centipedes by Millipedes having two pairs of legs per body segment.  Based on photos posted to BugGuide, we believe this is Sigmoria latior which is a member of the family Xystodesmidae, which BugGuide characterizes as “Many are brightly colored and all have stink glands.

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  1. glasgowtremontaine says:

    Based on comparison photos on Nadiplochilo, this looks more like Apheloria virginiensis corrugata, whose little red sides secrete cyanide.

  2. glasgowtremontaine says:

    Still a member of Xystodesmidae either way though, and cyanide is of course stinky.

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