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Blue-Eyed Golden June Bug
March 24, 2010
I sent you some photos of this odd looking Chinese insect a few days ago. Did you get them? I swear, it’s not a Photoshop job. It has eyes like Paul Newman and more gold leaf than a temple. What is this thing? I have dozens more photos. Let me know if you want them. Thanks!
Mike J.
Dongguan, China

Unknown June Beetle

Dear Mike,
We did not see your earlier submission.  We are not certain of the species, but we will post your June Beetle in the hopes that one of our readers can make an identification.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your reply. Here are the shots I originally submitted and the corresponding text.
Hope you can figure it out. There are lots of these guys flying around here in the evening; similar to Junebugs back in the US midwest.

Beetles in China
I see these frequently in South China. They fly in the evening like June Bugs. The golden shell, big blue eyes and fern-like feelers are pretty cool. This guy found his way inside tonight. Wouldn’t let him leave without some photos. Thought you’d enjoy these.
Mike J.
Dongguan, China

Unknown June Beetle

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Dave says:

    As often happens, I don’t know the species, but I can declare that this one would look quite tasty to much of the world, especially in Asia. Species in Melolonthinae are enjoyed in many parts of the world; the great Vincent Holt wrote about them in his landmark 1885 book “Why Not Eat Insects?”

    There’s also some fascinating documentation of grubs and eggs harvested in Indiana in the early 1900s and served to the leadership of the Department of Agriculture. I can provide the text if anyone’s interested. Alternately, I’d love to find out how to harvest these insects efficiently.


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