Male or Female Luna Moth?
March 23, 2010
I commented earlier on Susan’s Luna moth and wanted to share my photos of the one I saw the same day, except late in the evening. Susan is from Houston and I live about 30 miles east of Houston out I-10. I just thought it was incredible someone saw one so close to me when I’ve never seen one my entire life. It was truly an awesome experience. I wish I’d know how lucky I was to see one because I would have tried to keep it more protected and then saved it for my grandkids when it died. Bummer. I think this is a male, but thought I’d ask just to make sure. One other thing that I didn’t realize until after reviewing the photos later in the evening, was in the pictures you can’t see 2 of the spots on the wings, but I clearly remember seeing them several times. Is this something they can activate as a defense? Kind of turn em on and off?
Hankamer, TX (Between Baytown and Beaumont)

Luna Moth

Hi Juju,
Based on the feathery antennae, we agree this is a male Luna Moth who uses his antennae to sniff out the pheromones of a female.  The eyespots are a natural feature that are not turned on or off.

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