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March 18, 2010
i found this beautiful and cute moth,just 1 meter from my front door.she was shaking and did not fly away as i held it.
i noticed the beautiful orange hidden wings…
i wanted to know what is it…so you are the best ones to ask buggy buddy..!!
BTW , we see these moth in coastern cities of syria,but i found this one in a dry area.

Striped Hawkmoth

Your moth is a Striped Hawkmoth, Hyles livornica, and it very closely resembles a North American species, the Striped Morning Sphinx, Hyles lineata.  Both species occasionally have population explosions.  Just over a year ago, we received a letter from Iraq with a photo showing hundreds of Striped Hawkmoths that had been attracted to the lights on an oil drilling rig.

Striped Hawkmoth

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

2 Responses to Striped Hawkmoth from Syria

  1. Dave says:

    Yet another edibility alert:
    H. livornica have traditionally been consumed [caterpillars, that is] in several parts of their large range.


  2. Steve Carras says:

    There’s almost a pun there:
    In the land of real sphinxes,dwells the moths of the same name [sounds like a travelogue narration.]

    As already noted elsewhere, this here in Southern California is a quite common species. On April 18, 2009, almost an exact year ago, at Disneyland Southern California, the Alice in Wonderland ride at night had quite the swarm..in 1991 Laughlin, Nevade had a lot of those moths, and I also seee a bunch now and then in Vegas..think: A large white lined sphinx moth by the sphinx casino, ala the LUXOR, sipping flowers at night.

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