Canadian or Eastern Tiger Swallowtail?
March 15, 2010
This picture was taken May 2009 in upstate NY (near Albany). I’ve narrowed it down to either a Canadian or Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly and wondered if you could help with a specific identification. Thank you!
Albany, NY

Which Tiger Swallowtail???

Hi Naomi,
We haven’t the necessary skills to differentiate between the various Tiger Swallowtails without doing research.  Perhaps one of our readers can supply the answer in the event we cannot immediately turn our attention to the answer.  In the meanwhile, we are experiencing lilac envy.  We planted two lilacs in our garden last year that were bred to bloom in Southern California which does not have the necessary cold winter for the most lilacs.  We are still awaiting the spring growth, and at this time, we are uncertain if we will be getting any blooms.

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  1. clickbeetle says:

    BugGuide says “inner margin of hindwing upperside has wide black stripe (whereas the otherwise similar – though larger – Eastern Tiger Swallowtail has a thin black stripe in that area)”. A fairly subjective assessment, but from comparing images I think this looks more like the Canadian tiger swallowtail.

  2. Naomi says:

    Thank you for the info, clickbeetle.

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