Loved this Longicorn
March 17, 2010
Hey there, I can’t find a picture of this longicorn anywhere to ID it. I fell in love with him.
Colour is drab, but cute factor is enormous (see pic 2)
Body 17mm, antennae 25mm. (one appears to be broken short)
Lived in my flat for a week. After looking up a similar bug to find what habitat he would like I realised how obvious it was – his markings and antennae shape are perfect camouflage for aussie leaf litter.
Photos are my attempt to coax him onto paper with moist woody bits . Instead he just dragged some onto himself. Ah, gotta love em.
Sydney Australia

Feather Horned Longicorn

Hi Lisa,
Just over a year ago, we received two requests to identify this awesome Feather Horned Longicorn, Piesarthrius marginellus.  The Csiro Science Image website has a photo for comparison, as does the Worldwide Cerambycidae Photo Gallery.

Feather Horned Longicorn

Dear Carlos
Thankyou so much for your reply, it was incredibly helpful. When I looked at the previous request you directed me to, here in this vast Australian continent, I was amazed to see the post was from my suburb.
Lane Cove, although close to the city, extremely built up and urban, is lucky to back onto Lane Cove National park – a diverse old ecosystem. Perhaps this odd variety evolved there, the coincidence is extraordinary.
Highest regards

Ed. Note: We can’t help but to wonder who Carlos is.

Hey Daniel …Carlos.. whatever.
I rolled around laughing at your succinct reply.
I am sure who Carlos is.
Unfortunately, he is a rather nasty criminal who was being blabbed about on the news when I was writing that email!
The phonetic association with your surname must’ve sprung a coil in my very huge and tightly wound brain.
Humblest apologies. But gee I enjoyed the gaffaw.
Hope if sometime I write to you again, there’s a report on Einstein or Gandhi in the noise space.
Dear Albert…
..must go fix that darn loose cranium spring…mutter mutter.

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