Tiny aquatic insects
March 15, 2010
About a three weeks ago I noticed, what can only be described as, a “raft” in tiny insects floating in a bucket of rainwater at my front door. They are about 3-4mm in length and, when disturbed, dart around in the water before coming back togather again.
Ann Sutherland
Longhope, Island of Hoy, Orkney, Scotland, UK


Hi Ann,
These are Springtails, primitive insects that are believed to be the most common arthropod on the planet.  Springtails are highly diverse in their habitats depending upon the species.  Some species are found on the surface of the snow and are known as Snow Fleas, and others are found on the surface of the ocean.  Springtails similar to the ones you found are sometimes found in great numbers on the surface of swimming pools.  Others are found in damp soil and in moldy conditions indoors.

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