Big Costa Rican Beetle
March 15, 2010
A friend of mine is in Costa Rica and found this on his tool box yesterday (March 14, 2010. You can see that it is quite large! I am so curious–what is it, what does it eat, do they bite humans? How long do they live
Kat D.
Costa Rica

Elephant Beetle

Hi Kat,
This magnificent Elephant Beetle, Megasoma elephas does not bite.  Encyclopedia Britannica is a source for the common name Elephant Beetle.  The grubs feed on rotting wood, and the adults .  The Natural Worlds website has some nice photos, and according to the Absolute Astronomy website:  “For their diet, Elephant Beetles eat the sap of particular trees and ripened fallen fruits such as pineapples. They also eat longan, lychee fruit, and bark from certain trees like the poinciana.

Thank you so much!  I love   Very cool!

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