Common Crow Caterpillar
oh i just took a photo of one of these a couple of days ago!  i’m new to the site so once i figure out how to post it, i will!

Common Crow Caterpillar
March 16, 2010
I took a great photo of a common crow caterpillar a couple of days ago, and i just wanted to share! here ya go!
Brisbane, Australia

Common Crow Caterpillar

Hi Kimberly,
Welcome to our humble website.  We are thrilled to have received your excellent photo of a Common Crow Caterpillar to add to our archives.  According to the Australian Museum website, the Common Crow is also called the Oleander Butterfly because the caterpillar feeds on the leaves of oleander as well as milkweed.  The website lists the food plants for the caterpillar:  “The female Common Crow Butterfly lays its eggs on the leaves of plants that have a milky sap. In Sydney, these include: oleander (Nerium oleander, Family Apocynaceae), and two species of figs (Family Moraceae), the Port Jackson Fig (Ficus rubiginosa) and the Weeping Fig (F. benjamina). Other food plants include garden plants such as Chilean Jasmine (Mandevillea laxa), Chinese Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), Stephanotis spp, and Milkweeds (Asclepias spp).

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