Bug from Lignumvitae Key, Florida
March 15, 2010
I took this picture on a wall at Lignumvitae Key near Islamorada in the Florida Keys on March 12, 2010. The unidentified bug was pulling the dead spider behind it.
Steve Dunn
Lignumvitae Key, Florida

Spider Wasp with Prey

Hi Steve,
You lovely wasp is a Spider Wasp in the family Pompilidae.  The spider is not dead, but rather paralyzed.  The spider will be place in the nest and an egg is laid on it  the wasp larva consumes the spider while it is still alive.  We aren’t sure of the genus or species, but your wasp may be in the genus Priocnessus which is pictured on Bugguide which indicates the prey are Agelenid Spiders that weave funnel webs.  The spider in your photo appears as though it may be a Funnel Web Spider.

Spider Wasp with Prey

Correction courtesy of Eric Eaton
March 17, 2010
Hi, Daniel:
Hey, I actually went over to the site without prompting the other day:-)   I only have a couple corrections, too.  Given how overextended you must be right now, I think that only two (minor) errors is amazing. (insert applause here).
The “Spider Wasp With Prey,” dated March 15 is Tachypompilus ferrugineus, and the prey is a wolf spider in the family Lycosidae.
Otherwise, terrific work!

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