Galls on Artemesia tridentata
March 13, 2010
Here is a photo of some different galls then I sent before. These are more common and are less rounded and in multiples joined together. I’m not sure if its a fly, beetle or mite. One guy said those other galls might be cecidomyiid fly. Both are on Artemesia tridentata.
Okanogan, Wash.

Galls on Artemesia

Hi again Ernie,
Thanks for sending in more photos of Galls.  Perhaps an expert in Galls will be able to do a conclusive identification.

Galls on Artemesia

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  1. Aariq says:

    One trick to narrowing it down to a Cecidomyiid is that their larvae are often yellow or orange while most other gall insect larvae are white. So if you break the gall open and see a little orange guy wriggling around in there, it’s probably a midge gall. Also, gall midges primarily use plants in the family Asteraceae as hosts and your sage brush is in that family. There are plenty of other gall insects that use Artemesias as hosts though.

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