Long, thin, large, dark mottled fly
March 12, 2010
Dear What’s That Bug,
I’m a big fan and I believe I’ve written to you before. Tonight I found a sadly deceased large dark mottled fly of some sort. I’ve never seen anything like it before, not anything as big as that. It’s just turned Autumn here in South Australia and it hasn’t been raining or especially cold or unpleasant. I have in the last week or so cut back a lot of low branches on my pine trees and disturbed the underlying leaf litter but I didn’t see anything like this under there – mostly slaters, stink beetles and roaches. I suspect this poor critter is a victim of my cats – perhaps indirectly as I don’t think he would have easily fitted back out through the mesh of my enclosed veranda. I would have saved him/her if I could have, he/she is a real beauty.
Coastal South Australia, Eastern Eyre Peninsula

Bark Mimicking Grasshopper

Hi Bronwen,
We believe this is some species of Grasshopper, though the body has been traumatized and appears to be missing some legs.  We hope someone can assist in this identification.

Bark Mimicking Grasshopper

Piotr Naskrecki identifies Bark Mimicking Grasshopper
Hi Daniel,
This is a bark-mimicking grasshopper (Coryphistes sp.), fam. Catantopidae.

I did think it had a face like a grasshopper – but no thick strong jumping legs, and that fooled me; I just checked since I still have it in a jar and yes the back stumps are a bit more robust looking than the remaining legs. A large grasshopper doesn’t surprise me as much as if it was a large fancy winged fly, but still I’ve not seen one anything like that. We have water restrictions here and there isn’t much grass to be had so I’ve seen a lot more yellow and brown grasshoppers.
Thanks for your quick reply!
Cheers, Bronwen,

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Location: Australia

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