Is It as dangerus as it looks?
March 11, 2010
My 8 year old Neice came running to get me because she found a “big and scary bug”
this is what was sitting just out side the door. We live in central Missouri, in a small farming town lots of rural farm animals like chickens and goats around. Nither myself nor my naighbors have seen a bug like this before. this was about mid august. i have shown the pic around and one of my friends mentiond this web site to me.
the pincers were functional but they looked rather soft and like it couldn’t realy pince with them. needles to say we didn’t get close enough to find out. It was about 3 to 4 inches long and i only got one shot becuase my flash spooked it and it flew away. not far but into the near bye tree and out of camara range. Is it native and is it dangours? and what is it?
Eugene Misssouri

Male Dobsonfly

Dear K,
This is very early in the year for a Dobsonfly appearance in Missouri, and even the data on BugGuide indicates that the earliest sightings for the year have occurred in April in South Carolina.  This has us a bit puzzled.  The Dobsonfly is native and harmless.  Your specimen is a male, and the mandibles of the female are considerably smaller, but also much more capable of inflicting a significant pinch, though again, it is perfectly harmless.  We are also confused that your letter requests an identification, yet the photo file is titled “Dobsinfly male”.

Im sorry about that. the picture is not recent it was from last summer.i thought i had mentiond that. i had stumbled on your web page a few days ago and  asked my husband were the picture of the big creepy bug was. he said he had a copy put up on our deviant art web page cause it was a good photo, it wasn’t untill after i sent it to you that i realized he already knew what it was. i feel a little silly about that. but i hope you enjoyed the picture at least. and that you for the bit more information on them.

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