Alien Grub Thingy
March 10, 2010
I was out at about 2am this morning and couldn’t sleep.As I was walking along the sidewalk I heard a pop and looked down to see that there were about 5-7 of these things squirming on the concrete, and I unknowingly stepped on one. I decided to get a closer look so I shined my flashlight on it and it was a very pale caterpillar looking life form, I did not see any visible eyes or mouth on it, but what I did see once I attempted to pick it up was what struck me as being very alien. No sooner than i grabbed one up from the sidewalk a long almost lizard like tail popped out of what I guess is the back of the grub, the tail would move around and it wrapped itself around my finger, sparking my curiosity even further.So I brought it inside and took pictures and a small video of it.What I want to know is, could this possibly be a cicada larvae, or a small scale alien invasion?
Josh Hamblin
Springfield, MO

Rat Tailed Maggot

Hi Josh,
This is the larva of a Drone Fly and it is commonly called a Rat Tailed Maggot.

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