worm or snake
March 7, 2010
Hey found this “thing” in my house, on my carpet. Any idea what it is? Has two black eyes, behaved defensive when we tried to touch it. After placing it in the restroom sink to better observe, it died withing a minute. I have small children, is this something we should be worried about?
Thanks, Roxy
ranch in south texas

Blind Snake

Hi Roxy,
We believe this is a harmless Legless Lizard, though we would defer to any reptile experts that care to comment.

I saw that you posted a picture of what you thought was a legless lizard. I’m pretty sure it is actually a blind snake, possibly Leptotyphlops humilis, the western blind snake. According to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, they live throughout the southwestern U.S., including Texas. It could also be Leptotyphlops dulcis, the Texas slender blind snake, which lives throughout Kansas, Oklahoma, and central Texas. Although I’m not an expert, I have been around reptiles all my life. I actually found one of these little guys several years ago and that is why I immediately recognized it as a blind snake.
Josh Kouri

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