More Polyphemus Love
March 9, 2010
Last week we found a large cocoon on ground, brought it inside, and hung it in a jar. Last night we saw a large moth struggling in the bottom of the jar. We took it outside to a ficus tree on the patio, where it climbed up a few feet and stopped. As you can see in the first picture, the wings didn’t expand properly. But apparently male moths don’t care so much about pretty wings, because she found a mate in a matter of hours.
Matt in Houston
Houston, TX

Mating Polyphemus Moths

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your wonderful written account and your stunning photograph of mating Polyphemus Moths.

You’re welcome.  I appreciate the site where I could find out exactly what it was quickly!
Wow, the life of a moth is short.  Out of her cocoon barely a day, it appears she is already dead, or nearly so.  But there are several eggs along the limbs, so the cycle continues.

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