possibly a snout butterfly?
March 1, 2010
my husband found this bug on the back window of his parked truck yesterday, and saved it in a little container for me to see. we’ve lived in Thailand over 25 yrs, so we’ve seen alot of unusual bugs, but never one like this. It has gorgeous green and yellow markings, bright yellow underwings, and a long curved snout. It looked very much like a butterfly when it flew away.
Judi Utley
Chiangmai, Thailand


Hi Judi,
Though it has some characteristics of a butterfly, this Lanternfly is a Planthopper in the family Fulgoridae.  Tropical species were believed to be luminescent, hence the common name Lanternfly.  This species is Pyrops candelarius, and we located a photo of a mounted specimen on a museum website, and there is a brief description and photo of a living specimen on Wikipedia.


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  1. curtisb says:

    Hi Judi – Paul Jenks was trying to contact Paul, partially on my behalf. imagine my surprise when I saw your post/question here! I made an inquiry a while back also.

    I think perhaps Paul J. had an old email for your Paul and was wondering if I could update your contact information? My family is moving to Chiang Mai in a few months with AMG International.

    My email is curtisb5673@gmail.com

    THANKS! 😉

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