What is this insect? March 31, 2010 A friend sent me this photograph of what looks like a beetle. It is in their greenhouse. I have little more info at this time but the distinct orange head should help. I will try to send more info as I get it. DoctorReno Youungstown OH USA Dear … Read more

Desert Spider Beetle

Anza Borrego Spider?? March 31, 2010 We were at Anza Boreggo this past Saturday (03-27-10), Spring Season. We were walking up one of the canyons, rocks. And I went to an area where there were some flowering cactus, and other wild flowers. As I was approaching a flower, I noticed what originally looked like a … Read more

Male Eastern Carpenter Bee

What type of Bee is this? March 31, 2010 I have searched all morning trying to figure out what type of bee this is, but no luck yet. Everything points to a Carpenter Bee, but I don’t think it is. They are swarming our patio, we live on the 4th floor of a Condo. All … Read more

Wolf Spider with Egg Sac

Large brown spider with blue pearl egg sack March 31, 2010 Last weekend when the weather was hot and dry I decided to weed-whack all the tall weeds in the driveway. Upon completion of the task, my eye caught a blue pearl scooting along the cement. I quickly grabbed a camera and snapped 2 shots. … Read more

Phasmid from Mexico

Possible Leaf Insect in Huatalco, Mexico March 30, 2010 During a Central American cruise at the end of March, we encountered this beauty. Our best guess would be some sort of leaf insect. It was about 4 inches long and after a gentle proding with a stick, it exposed mantis like wings and flew a … Read more