Red-chilli like larva
February 28, 2010
The person who took this photo thinks it is a beetle larva.
West Bengal, India

Goat Moth Larva, we believe

Dear Suhas,
There are not enough anatomical features visible in this photo for us to conclusively categorize this larva.  We don’t believe it is a caterpillar or a beetle grub.  We tend to favor it being a Sawfly Larva.  Sawflies are related to bees and wasps, and many species have larvae that resemble caterpillars.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist in a species identification.

Dear Daniel
Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I will certainly gather more details from the photographer and send it to you soon.

Update:  July 13, 2018
A special thanks to Gustaf Fredell who sent in a comment identifying this as a Goat Moth Larva in the family Cossidae and providing this link to Alamy.

Location: West Bengal, India

5 Responses to Goat Moth Larva from India

  1. Gustaf fredell says:

    That is a goat moth larvae.

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