Desert Cicada
February 26, 2010
Hi, WTB,
From early June, 2009, a very fresh looking Desert Cicada.  It voided when picked up.  Northern Sonoran Desert, southern Arizona, about 3,000′.

Cactus Dodger

Hi Denny,
We are nearly certain your interesting desert Cicada is Cacama valvata, which we quickly located on BugGuide.  We like that it is called a Cactus Dodger.

Cactus Dodger

Thanks for the ID.  I had not heard the name Cactus Dodger, but I like it, also.

Cactus Dodger

2 Responses to Cactus Dodger Cicada

  1. Dave says:

    Cicadas: eaten the world over

    They were — and in many places, still are — popular in Southeast Asia (Laos, Thailand, China, Malaysia), Africa, and Australia. Some Native American groups ate periodic cicadas. And Aristotle liked them too.


  2. Dave says:

    and unlike some beetles, caterpillars, and grasshoppers, I’ve never read about any toxic species of cicada. Therefore if I were in a dire situation (which the world is fairly likely to be in, one of these years) I wouldn’t hesitate to throw down the first cicada I saw, within reasonable circumstances.

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