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Io Moth(?) emerged from cocoon
February 22, 2010
Hi there! I’ve been using your site for a long while now and love the troves of information available here (I use most of my free-time at school reading the posts here) and figured it’s high time I made a contribution. I’m a big bug fan and always keep a sharp eye out for interesting specimens; that said I have a photo and story that I hope might be of some use to your site.
Today at school (22nd of February, 9:00am) I noticed a fuzzy orange critter hanging out on the trunk of an oak tree. Upon closer inspection I believed it to be an Io Moth newly emerged from its cocoon (seeing as the wings had yet to unfurl) [1].
I gently coaxed the creature onto my hand and led it to a tree in a much less high-traffic area for its safety and snapped a photo on my phone (excuse the quality) before releasing it.
I returned to the critter after class (around 10:30am) to find the wings have begun stretching out [2].
I snapped another picture and continued on my way.
After school I checked back on it around 2:40pm to find the wings much more stretched out and the critter still hanging about on the same tree [3].
After the Robotics Club dispersed I took one final check at the tree to find the bright yellow eye-spots glaring at me, I payed my final respects to the fluffy moth and snapped a final pic [4] before it flew away to avoid the incoming rain.
I am unfortunate to live far from any decent wooded areas, so finds like this tend to be scarce and my hunt for the elusive Luna Moth has proved fruitless thus far. Hopefully with the arrival of spring many new insects will cross my path. ^_^
Carl B. – Aspiring Entomologist
Clermont, Florida

Io Moth Metamorphosis

Hi Carl,
Thanks for your kind words, your wonderful story, and your important photos documenting the final stages in the metamorphosis of a female Io Moth.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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