St. Andrew’s Cross Spider from Australia
February 21, 2010
Hi again, I thought of checking out how many posts you’ve got on St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders, and was surprised to see only one (from Singapore). They are very common at our place, so I thought of taking some fresh photos of them for your site, but came across another spider that I haven’t seen before here, and took photos of it. So, I’m sending you a couple of older images that I’ve taken of the St. Andrews. Hope you can use them.
Ridou Ridou
Sydney Australia

St. Andrew's Cross Spider

Hi Ridou,
Thanks for the excellent images.  We believe we had additional images of St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders, Argiope keyserlingi, and they might have gotten lost when we did a website migration last year.  We may check our old computer for the posts.  The Brisbane Insect website has nice images and helpful information on this species.

St. Andrew's Cross Spider

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