Metalic Geen Bug with black spots
February 21, 2010
Hi…i’m from India. The other day i had a visit from this fascinating bug. It was sitting on one Holy Basil plant in my Verandah. It’s been vacationing on this plant for the last 2 days.
Can you tell me what bug this is and which family of bugs does this belong to?
North India

Lychee Shield Bug

Dear Sid,
Your insect is a Jewel Bug or Shield Backed Bug in the family Scutelleridae.  Scutelleridae was, according to BugGuide:  “formerly considered a subfamily of Pentatomidae
” which contain the Stink Bugs.  Both families are now grouped into the superfamily Pentatomoidea, and they are classified in the suborder Heteroptera, the True Bugs.  We found a matching photo on Flickr, but it is incorrectly titled a Jewel Beetle, and True Bugs are in a completely separate order from the beetles.  There are also two different photos of this species posted on, but they are only identified as Jewel Bugs, without a species name.  Continued searching revealed another photo on Flickr with the caption:  “Kanch Poka (Green Jewel Bug – Lampromicra spp, under Family Scutelleridae), beetle is common insect in rural Bangladeshi bushes.”  Another Flickr page depicted this Jewel Bug with the name Chrysocoris stolli, which we then verified on  Dave’s Garden website with the common name Lychee Shield Bug.  The TrekNature website also pairs the scientific name Chrysocoris stolli with the common name Lychee Shield Bug for this species from India.

Lychee Shield Bug

Thanks Daniel for the great info. I found your website on google and its now on my favorite list.
You’ve got a great website for nature enthusiasts. Keep it up. Don’t ever stop it.
I have also made the donation and will make more in future also.

Thanks for your kind words and your generosity Sid.

Update:  September 10, 2011
Lychee Shield Bug
September 10, 2011 12:24 pm
Hi Daniel,
I came across you website through a reference to a picture of mine ( in this identification post:
I always try to get the taxonomy right but mostly rely on pictures searches for identification, which I admit is not always the best way!
(Here’s an example that might have typically led me to get the wrong name:
So to rectify, my picture is of a Lychee Shield Bug – or Green Jewel Bug – which is indeed of the Scutelleridae family, and the species is likely to be Chrysocoris stolli, is that right?
I’m keen on rectifying my mistake on my flickr photo…
In the meanwhile I’ve done a bit of reading about differences between true bugs and beetles. I’m really glad I came across your website today, I definitely won’t make the mistake again!
Best Regards,
Signature: Olivier

Hi Olivier,
We agree that this is a Lychee Shield Bug, and we would like to point out that the India Nature Watch website incorrectly identifies it as a Jewel Beetle instead of a Jewel Bug.

Location: India

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