A tiny green Australian spider
February 19, 2010
Hi again,
I quite like this small ‘two-headed green frog spider’ I found inside our house. Would you be able to identify it?
Ridou Ridou
Sydney Australia

Crab Spider

Hi again Ridou,
This is a Crab Spider in the family Thomisidae, and there are several species pictured on the Brisbane Insect Website.  We are uncertain as to what species you have submitted, and part of our confusion arises from the variability of many species.  One North American species known as the Goldenrod Crab Spider, Misumena vatia, is known to be able to change its coloration based on the color of the flower or plant upon which it prowls for prey.  You can see some of these variations on BugGuide.  Crab Spiders are easily identified because the two pairs of front legs are considerably longer than the two pairs of hind legs.  We found many nice images of Crab Spiders on the Save Our Waterways website, and there is where we believe we matched your spider to Sidymella rubrosignata.  An image on Wikipedia supports that identification.

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