Black Nail Beetle – Brisbane – Queensland
February 20, 2010
hello again WTB-ers 🙂
Here is another first for WTB and yet another curious bug i have come across – this time in my yard! This is the Black Nail beetle ( Repsimus manicatus) from the scarabaeidae family.
Its got the most “muscular” thighs i have ever seen on a beetle, and its legs end in hooks – certainly felt very funny walking on me!
Wish it had stuck around longer so i could take more photos (it must have had some important muscular bug business to attend to) – thought you may like to add it to your collection 😀
Dreaded Bug Queen
Ashgrove – Queensland – Australia

Black Snail Beetle

Dear Dreaded Bug Queen,
Thank you so much for sending us this awesome set of photos, and also for providing us with an identification.  The Brisbane Insect Website has some nice photos, but not much helpful information on the species. The Hunter Valley Backyard Nature website classifies the Black Snail Beetle as a Christmas Beetle and has some wonderful images of mating activity.  BioLib has the more scientific taxonomy of placing the Black Snail Beetle into the family of Shining Leaf Chafers, Rutelidae.

Black Snail Beetle

2 Responses to Black Snail Beetle from Australia

  1. drtjhawkeswood says:

    These are indeed weird beetles with a strange colour pattern and thick hindlegs. They seem to be locally common and not out each year. They are not really Christmas beetles. I have provided a review of the biology and host plants of Repsimus (see paper no. 237 on my website; there is also a paper 67 on Repsimus manicatus but it hasnt been pdfed as yet!

    Best regards, Trevor

  2. mark says:

    These are called ‘Nail’ not ‘Snail’ beetles

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