Robust Orange Wasp Sichuan
February 18, 2010
Dear Daniel,
I saw this striking well built wasp last summer in Sichuan province, SW China. This is my third submitted photo so I hope you have no objection to repeated requests for identifications? (I have many more where this came from which I thought I might submit in dribs and drabs if that was ok).
Anyway I was wondering if it was a type of digger wasp or spider wasp as these groups seem to have quite robust looking species like this one which I estimate was about 3cm long.
The habitat was forest 600-900m.
Any help with ID much appreciated.
Sichuan, China

Spider Wasp

Hi Ed,
We agree that this looks like a Spider Wasp in the family Pompilidae, but there is not much easily available information on insects from China.  We may eventually be able to provide a species identification for this beauty.

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