Can’t recognize that bug
February 17, 2010
Hi there,
First of all I got to say I had no idea such website existed. I found it very helpful although I dont know if I can recognized the bug I am looking for.
I moved into a new apartment last August and I have seen this bug couple of times already. Last time today, 5 minutes ago to be exact.Usually I see it flying in the kitchen or livingroom. It’s all black, it flies and has 6 legs I believe with 2 of them longer than the others. I have no idea where it comes from and how to permanently get rid of it. I’ve been seeing many bug in my life in many different locations in the world but never this. Does it cause any damage/ bites? Thank you
Bronx, New York

Ensign Wasp dead from unknown causes

Hi Kasia,
Since your letter indicates that five minutes prior to writing to us, you saw the insect flying, and your photograph depicts an Ensign Wasp that is in no condition to fly, we are going to tag your letter as Unnecessary Carnage.  Ensign Wasps in the family Evaniidae parasitize the eggs of Cockroaches, so if the wasps are present in your home, it is a good indication that there are cockroaches as well.  The Ensign Wasp is beneficial in that it will reduce the number of cockroaches that plague you, and we would recommend allowing the Ensign Wasps to thrive.  Though they are wasps, they will not sting you nor harm you in any way.  You may search BugGuide for more information on Ensign Wasps.

Ensign Wasp

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